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About Our Mosquito Defense Services

Mosquito Defense is a division brought to you by Whispering Pines Landscaping. After many successful years in lawn care, Whispering Pines Landscaping has expanded its service offerings and launched the Mosquito Defense. Backed by decades of experience in the home services industry, we have the knowledge, systems, and expertise required to provide exceptional mosquito control services using the latest products and technology.

Our highly trained technicians customize treatment plans for each individual yard according to the needs of that lawn. Let us help you rid your backyard of these pests!

Mosquito Fogging Services in Lake Norman, NC

How Our Mosquito Program Works

Mosquito Prevention in Lake Norman Area, NC
Mosquito Prevention Company in Lake Norman Area, NC
Mosquito Defense Services in Lake Norman Area, NC
Mosquito Control Service in Lake Norman Area, NC
Our team will fog your property every 30 days until mosquito activity has stopped, usually around the end of September. When our mosquito technician goes to your property, they also check for standing water in gutters and other objects. Standing water will increase mosquito populations, and improper drainage easily forms standing water for them to use. These sources of standing water include things like watering cans, old tires, gutters, etc.

What Can We Do To Prevent Mosquitoes in the Meantime?

As mentioned above, one of the number one things you can do is remove sources of standing water. These could be things like old birdbaths or water features, flower pots collecting rainwater, or buckets left off to the side of the deck. Standing water is a natural breeding ground for mosquitoes!

Because mosquitoes are slow and weak fliers, when you’re outside on your patio or deck, having a fan or two running to keep the air flowing will really make a difference in keeping the bites down.

Additionally, mosquitoes are sensitive to certain odors, DEET repellents, citronella, or other natural options like lavender flowers and lemongrass.

Mosquito Prevention in Lake Norman Area, NC
Mosquito Prevention and Lawn Care in Lake Norman Area, NC

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